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Journal of Medical food and Nutrition is Official Journal of the International Society of Medical Food and Nutrition is a peer peer-reviewed biannual Free Access Journal Published by the Food and Biosciences Research Lab of Ceyon Healthcare India Pvt ltd that publishes original research articles, reviews, and short stories on medical food and diversified branches of nutrition.


Medical nutrition, Clinical Trials, Nutritional assessments, Food Safety, Food Toxicology, Food AdultartionPublic health nutrition, Hospital Nutrition, Nutrition Policies, Food Security, Healthy  Agriculture Techniques, etc

The scope of the journal includes topics including the safety assessment of innovative meals and ingredients and biotechnologically generated food. Additionally, Journal invites the submission of articles on the connections between Agriculture and nutrition to make the public aware of what we sow we reap.

The journal's main goals are to publish scholarly articles with a high impact and to act as a multidisciplinary forum for nutrition research. Submissions will be evaluated based on their quality, subject content, and originality in the field of Food and nutrition.

Author Instructions 

ONE-CLICK PDF SUBMISSION:  We value your Time  So Before Acceptance for review we ask only for PDF in your format in just one click. Only After Acceptance, you will need to submit it in Journal Format as given in the Instructions for Authors. The highest standards are what Journal of Medical food and Nutrition is dedicated to. Only works that are original, fit within the aforementioned scope and have undergone peer review before publication will be considered for publication. The manuscript must be new and original, not under consideration for publication elsewhere, according to the cover letters. Co-authors ought to be people who made a significant contribution to the papers' substance. All writers are required to disclose all financial sources and potential conflicts of interest.


Format of articles

Journal of Medical food and Nutrition  publishes original research in three formats. Original Articles 2500 Words, Short Reports 1500 Words and Review Articles: 3500 Words. However, we strongly recommend that you write concisely and stick to the following guidelines:

  • Articles should ideally be no more than 11 typeset pages

  • The main text should be no more than 3,500 words (not including Abstract, Methods, References, and figure legends)

  • The title should be no more than 20 words, should describe the main message of the article using a single scientifically accurate sentence, and should not contain puns or idioms

  • The abstract should be no more than 300 words

1. Abstract (Without Reference,300 Words)

  1. Manuscript ( 2500,1500, 3500 Words with references )

The manuscript should contain a proper introduction, Material Methods, Results, and Discussions.


Other Points

  • Tables  

  • Figures – In JPEG/TIF /PNG

  • References (limited to 60 references)

  • Acknowledgments (optional)

  • Author(S) name &  contributions

  • Supplements  Information (including a Competing Interests Statement, Annexures and Questionnaire )

  • Figure legends (these are limited to 350 words per figure)

  • Tables (maximum size of one page)

  • A cover letter mentioning Statement of “Conflict of Intrest”.

  • Individual figure files and optional supplementary information files

Supplementary information should be combined and supplied as a single separate file, preferably in PDF format.


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