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Therapeutic implication of Millets and EFA based supplementation in Metabolic Disorder



Yashika Kharwar

Page No 79

 J Medi Ntri Vol 1 Issue 2 Page 79-83

Therapeutic implication of Millets and EFA based supplementation in Metabolic Disorder

Yashika Kharwar,1  Kshitij Bhardwaj,2

1Food and Biosciences research lab, Biotech park, Lucknow

2Nutrition Council of India , Institute of Food , Nutrition and Health Sciences , India

Metabolic disorders, which include conditions like obesity, diabetes, and hypertension, have become global illnesses of serious concern. Despite robust research and medical implications, the prevalence and morbidity are increasing day by day. In this study, we aim to consider a natural and vegan intervention of the diversified and versatile effect of millets and unsaturated fat-based dietary supplementation as a viable approach for the prevention and precision of metabolic disease. Both nutrient-dense whole grains like millet and essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6 have shown promise in treating metabolic disorders. This extensive evaluation aims to shed light on the beneficial effects of adding essential fatty acid-based dietary supplements and millet to a regular diet on metabolic health. In this, we will carefully combine the available data to strengthen our understanding of how these dietary elements work together to modify metabolic pathways. The study is prompted by the rise in metabolic diseases. Could a mix of millet and basic dietary supplements based on unsaturated fats ever provide a synergistic and more potent intervention for managing and preventing metabolic disorders? This focuses on the need for comprehensive methodologies that take note of the combined effects of dietary components on metabolic well-being, providing knowledge that can guide dietary recommendations.

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